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After retiring Baby Boomer’s can now look forward to a dynamic new phase of life lasting almost as long as a primary career. It can be a new beginning where you can look forward to living life on your own terms and the aim of our course is to help you find your dream, plan it and live it.

Yet while many prepare financially for retirement they are unprepared for the significance of the change and spend less time planning for this stretch of their lives than they do a holiday. After the initial honeymoon stage disillusionment can set in .Our workshops BRIDGE this preparation gap , anticipating the challenges and pitfalls involved ,providing inspiration and tools to REWIRE for a fulfilling retirement backed by our ‘how to ‘booklet.

What we look at:


Creating a blueprint for a satisfying retirement which is right for you.


Understanding the key elements involved in building a fulfilling future.


Examining strategies for optimum wellness and relationships.


Dealing with the practicalities: budgeting, organizing your affairs, where to live.


Support in achieving the goals for your life plan.

Next Workshop (small group)

at Bergvliet High School, Cape Town

Saturday 12th August 2023

Time:     09:00 am – 12:30  with a short break in the middle

Cost:      R290 per person, R560 per couple

For further details and to register, please contact
Kathy Miles or phone 021 713 7999                                             or Paul Britton 082 8873120



Previous Workshop – online

don’t be lonely, let’s meet online!  No need to take off your comfortable clothes or leave your home, or wrestle with traffic …

Monday 17th August 2020

Time:     18:00 – 19:30, with a short break in the middle

Cost:      R100 (special 65% reduction in cost!)

For further details and to register, please contact
Paul Britton on or 082 887 3120.



Contact Us

Paul Britton – Strategic Planning Consultant


Telephone: 082 887 3120

Marianne Heron –  Life Coach; Journalist; Author


Dr Anne E Blacklaws DBA  Senior Services Advisor and Researcher


Telephone: 082 561 9068

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