What about the other half?

Maybe you already have a financial plan, but how else can you make most of this precious time? Preparation for life planning can make a big difference to how you adjust.

If you are leaving or have left work our interactive workshops backed by our booklet Rewire don’t Retire will help you plan for a retirement that is rewarding in every way. You may want to “rewire” and not retire.

Our workshops facilitate fulfilling retirement looking at solutions for the ongoing challenges of transition, sharing ideas and skills

• Want to know how to beat boredom?
• Concerned about where to live?
• Getting under each other’s feet? |
• Wondering about what to do with your time?
• Concerned about decline in health?

Interactive sessions will cover

• Replacing the stimulus that work gave you.
• Strategies for life change.
• Living on less money.
• Moving home or stay put.
• Positive health (both physical and mental).


Bergvliet High School | Continuing Education Programme

11th May 2019 – 09h00-12h30

For more details email Kathy Miles, or phone her on 021 713 7999

Rewire Your Future