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The BRidge offers workshops to complement financial institution advice

Banks and financial experts provide invaluable advice on investing for retirement but financial security is only half the picture. Baby boomers can now look forward to up to a third of their lives after retirement: a whole new life stage that deserves as much thought and planning as the earlier stages of education and career .

This is where the Bridge comes in by offering workshops designed to complement financial advice and to help individual make the transition to the fulfilling retirement they deserve where life and financial planning work in tandem.

Our tailor-made sessions are designed to answer a need by facilitating this major life transition:


By helping pre and post retirees crystallize their vision for the retirement they deserve.


By providing a stimulating environment in which to explore options


By supplying insight and practical information to aid retirement choices


By encouraging the vital sense of purpose that keeps people fulfilled


By focusing on scenario planning, goal achievement and self actualization

Who We Are

Marianne Heron is a journalist, author and a South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) trained life coach. Her experience of the challenges of retirement and those of many friends led her to combine her skills as a communicator and coach to develop a retirement course with colleague Paul Britton. Just the kind of course she wished had been available when she took early retirement from her job as Features Editor of the leading National Newspaper in Ireland.

After a career in Forestry, Conservation and Strategic Planning, Paul was pushed into early retirement at 60. In spite of a establishing a thriving consultancy and making more money than he had ever dreamed of, he hit an all-time low about six months into retirement. Realising that something was missing in his life he began an in depth study of the non-financial aspects of retirement. Combined with his extensive experience in workshop facilitation and planning these are key element in the course he developed with Marianne. Like Marianne he realized that if he knew then what he knows now, his retirement would have been less traumatic.

Dr Anne Blacklaws has extensive practical management experience in the Banking, Oil and Gas, FMCG/Retail, Management Consulting, Engineering and South Africa, Qatar and Oman Government sectors.  She is currently “semi” retired and still does management assessments for succession planning, for companies in Africa and the Middle East.  Anne’s doctorate looks at what people need in order to successfully live in their own homes as they grow older.

Combining our skills and experience we facilitate people negotiate the changes involved in retirement and to find their own individual blueprints for a new life stage that is fulfilling and rewarding in every sense.

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Paul Britton – Strategic Planning Consultant


Telephone: 082 887 3120

Marianne Heron –  Life Coach; Journalist; Author


Dr Anne E Blacklaws DBA  Senior Services Advisor and Researcher


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