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Retirement: Money is only half the story.


Studies have shown that many as 1/3 of retirees suffer from depression. Further studies have shown that people who receive pre-retirement advice particularly on lifestyle issues adjust better to their new life stage.   

How can you as a financial advisor help? You are in an ideal position to guide your clients into and after retirement in ways that were not traditionally expected of you.

The question to ask yourself is – Who is your client? – the person or their money? It might have been OK in the past to concentrate on merely managing someone’s finances, but we now know that the relationship and the human component of an interaction are what really make it worthwhile on so many levels.

Which client would not want an advisor who really cares about them and not just about how much money you can make off them?

No, we do not need you to be psychologists, but we do want to encourage a deep and personal awareness and understanding of what clients will go through, and ultimately, all of us in our journey through life. But by sending your clients (or even better sponsoring them) to attend one of our workshops you will help them plan beyond just the money. If you attend with them then you will develop an understanding of their concerns and aspirations for retirement.


Advantage 1

The personal connection, understanding and support in your interaction will bring the client back to you – time, and time again.


Advantage 2

When you understand your client’s changing needs, the financial advice can be tailored accurately and effectively. Is that not a goal worth striving for?

What We Offer

Interactive half or full day courses backed by an informative booklet designed to:

  • Create understanding of the key elements involved in a fulfilling retirement.
  • Provide an inspirational approach to finding new purpose, continued personal growth and fun.
  • Understand how to avoid the pitfalls of retirement such as boredom and lack of social contact.
  • Provide a practical approach to life planning for good health, relationships and budgeting.
  • Provide support building a holistic plan covering both financial and psychological aspects for a new phase of life which is rewarding in every sense.




Workshops can be given as :

  • A stand alone course for a half day two half days or a full day
  • In conjunction with financial advice
  • To groups large or small,
  • In workplace situations or alternative venues
  • One on one coaching and support is also available.

The Bridge has evolved over several years in answer to a perceived need and was driven by conviction arising from our own experiences and those of people around us of the challenges in adjusting after retirement and finding ways to rewire . Giving workshops is one of them!

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