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Many top employers now give their employees the benefit of pre-retirement financial advice but  retirement isn’t  just about financial security. Studies show that employees adjust much better  to retirement when they have the benefit of  pre-retirement courses: exactly what The Bridge offers in a flexible format designed to go hand in hand with financial advice so that employees can look forward to the fulfilling retirement they deserve. And there are plenty of plusses for employers.


Why give your employees half the story- the Bridge gives courses to complete the retirement picture.

Many top companies now offer pre-rertirement financial advice to their employees. Yet Retirement isn’t just about the money.

Facing the major life transition to retirement is challenging especially in the current economic climate. Studies show that employees benefit considerably from pre-retirement training particularly on lifestyle issues and adjust better to their new life stage.  There are plenty of plusses for a company in setting their workers’ minds at rest.  


Advantage 1

Employers are finding that non- financial rewards help to build employee productivity and loyalty. A pre-retirement course is a cost effective way to create goodwill by providing support for employees at a critical point in life.


Advantage 2

The company can benefit both in terms of current employee satisfaction and future staff recruitment by being seen as value driven.


Advantage 3

It may help the company retain/redeploy older workers perhaps as consultants or part time workers.


Advantage 4

Pre-retirement courses, which show the company’s commitment to their workforce at every stage, help to boost morale. It can generate a culture that people want to buy into.


Advantage 5

Provision of a course is forward looking and answers a need to address the shifting retirement paradigm at a tipping point in life.

What We Offer

Interactive half or full day courses backed by an informative booklet designed to:

  • Create understanding of the key elements involved in a fulfilling retirement.
  • Provide an inspirational approach to finding new purpose, continued personal growth and fun.
  • Understand how to avoid the pitfalls of retirement such as boredom and lack of social contact.
  • Provide a practical approach to life planning for good health, relationships and budgeting.

Provide support building an holistic plan for a new phase of life which is rewarding in every sense.



Workshops can be given as :

  • Astand alone course for a half day two half days or a full day
  • In conjunction with financial advice
  • To groups large or small,
  • In workplace situations or alternative venues
  • One on one coaching and support is also available.

The Bridge has evolved over several years in answer to a perceived need and was driven by conviction arising from our own experiences and those of people around us of the challenges in adjusting after retirement and finding ways to rewire . Giving workshops is one of them!

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