Welcome To “The Bridge” Retirement Workshops – Rewire Don’t Retire

We offer pre-retirement workshops, backed with a booklet full of practical advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and provide individuals with a framework to help them build their own blueprint for a new life stage, combining in-depth practical and psychological advice with skill building and discussion.

What You Get

The opportunity to plan for a retirement that is rewarding with exciting goals, loving relationships and abundant health backed by our ‘Handy Book for Rewirement’ booklet.

Recommended Advice

Studies show that retirees receiving preretirement guidance, particularly on life planning, adjust better however, most advice available relates to finances and not life planning

Being Unprepared

Without an holistic plan, many retirees find themselves on a cliff edge this can lead to free-fall with a loss of purpose and often depression but retirement should be a dynamic new life stage of 25-30 years.

The Misconception

Retirement advertising promotes the illusion that retirement is a continuous holiday or a lifelong walk on the beach but retirement has many unknown pitfalls and like any holiday, requires a plan and a budget.

Why Choose Us

Our tailor-made workshops looks at the challenges and pitfalls of retirement, provide information and tools to help individuals ‘REWIRE” for an exciting new life stage.



The Bridge  has evolved over several years in answer to a perceived need and was driven by conviction arising  from our own experiences and those of people around us  of the challenges in adjusting after  retirement  and finding ways to rewire . Giving workshops is one of them!

What are the Pitfalls of Retiring?

  • Struggling with lower income
  • Boredom
  • Loss of identity leading to depression
  • Marital friction The24/7/365 Syndrome
  • Moving home on impulse and regretting it

Our interactive sessions anticipate the challenges involved in your renaissance for a new life stage.

How to meet needs

We help provide you with solutions for meeting needs previously met by work in order to create a fulfilling retirement.

Information and Discussion

Our interactive sessions prepare you for what to expect with comprehensive discussions backed by our handy work book for rewirement.

What clients say

  • I am really glad a colleague persuaded us to go on the course. I hadn’t thought about the implications of retirement in detail before, or what a significant change it is .I just dreamt about being free of career pressures. Now I am really excited about the possibilities and my partner and I are looking forward to the process of creating our dreams and living them.

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